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Unique style of Flower Arrangements


Wedding Rentals


chair sashes


plant stands

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$5.00 in Blanding

$10.00 White Mesa

$15.00 Bluff

$1500 Monticello

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Unique, personalized funeral arrangements for your loved one.  Delivery to Monticello, White Mesa, Bluff and Montezuma Creek.

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We have a great selection of Balloons, from Birthday  to Anniversary.   Latex Balloons are $1.25.   If you bring in your own it is $1.00.   We also have a good selection of Mylar Balloons.   We have a large Unicorn, Dinosaurs, Disney Princess, Spiderman and much more.

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Silk Flower Arrangements

Silk Flower arrangements will be made to your request.   We also deliver silk basket arrangements to the cemetery.

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Live Plant Baskets

We can make beautiful plant garden arrangements.

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 Gifts, unique plants, live plant baskets, and funeral arrangements.  We are happy to serve you and meet your requests.

We also have candy bags and Balloons.